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Navigate Sales - What Items Are Hard to Sell on Depop

Brand new sellers often ponder what items are hard to sell on Depop. Creating a quality inventory to garner sales from the beginning is of utmost importance. This online marketplace platform is primarily known for fashionable second-hand clothing. Varying from its primary focus can cause low sales. Avoiding common mistakes is possible with the help of our tips. Learn how to become a top Depop seller with us.

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Success comes when you make smart business decisions from the get-go

What Items Are Hard to Sell on Depop - Basic Clothing Without Description

One of the challenges online sellers face when trying to sell on Depop involves basic clothing items listed without any compelling description. This difficulty arises because Depop thrives on the uniqueness and personal touch that sellers bring to their listings. It's all about creating a brand and a following. 

Items that need a detailed description fail to engage potential buyers and do not tell a story or highlight the unique value of the piece. On top of this, engaging content is king in a visually driven multi-vendor marketplace platform like Depop, where users strive to get followers. Listings that do not capture the imagination or provide a sense of personal style tend to get lost in the sea of more visually appealing offerings.

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Even a white shirt can be sold multiple times if it's marketed the right way

Items in Poor Condition Are Not Profitable

Listings featuring items in poor condition struggle to find buyers on Depop, largely because consumers on this platform are in pursuit of quality. Such items not only tarnish the seller's reputation but can also raise suspicions of a potential Depop scam

Users would not be persuaded to go through the shipping process to receive a low-quality second-hand item. When an item is significantly damaged, it's often more prudent to delete a listing rather than risk a sale that could lead to negative reviews. This feedback can affect a seller's credibility and their ability to sell on one of the best online selling platforms effectively.

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Don't risk losing devoted followers by listing anything damaged

Electronic Devices Aren't Purchased by Depop's Buyers

Selling electronic devices can be complicated since this online selling platform is primarily celebrated for its fashion-forward community. This is a great reselling business idea, but unfortunately, it's not profitable here. Those looking to buy used items online don't turn to Depop as their number one choice. Check out some electronics in our list that often prove to be hard sellers on this platform:

  • Desktop computers,
  • Large home appliances (microwaves, refrigerators),
  • Printers and scanners,
  • Standard televisions and monitors,
  • Older models of smartphones and tablets.

Select eBay to Offer Listings With Electronics

eBay is an ideal platform for electronics sales. It caters to a diverse range of buyers, from tech enthusiasts to bargain hunters looking for deals on used or refurbished items. 

The platform's structured listing system, which includes categories for electronics and accessories, along with a robust search engine, helps buyers easily find exactly what they're looking for. The primary focus of eBay is to offer miscellaneous gadgets, so electronics can be found here for a lower price than in the store. eBay's buyer protection policies and seller ratings system foster a secure environment for transactions.

This combination of a wide audience, specialized categories, and a trust-building framework positions eBay as the best platform for selling electronics and gadgets.

Apple keyboard, headphones, and mouse
Even though Depop's community does not shop for electronics, try eBay for a time

Heavy and Overpriced Home Decor Cannot Be Easily Sold

Understanding what sells on Depop is crucial for sellers aiming to succeed on the platform. Heavy and overpriced home decor items often struggle to find buyers, primarily because they're too complicated to ship and are not worth enough. 

The platform's demographic is typically younger audiences who are looking for deals on distinctive clothing pieces rather than investing in costly, bulky home decor. Additionally, the logistical challenges of shipping heavy items can deter both sellers and buyers, making such transactions less appealing. More often than not, resellers reduce the price several times before they get anyone's interest in the listing. Another way to avoid this problem is with the help of a crossposting app.

Here's a video on what to list instead and what to avoid.

Pricey and Unappealing Accessories Won't Gain Traffic

The core issue lies in the unpredictability of consumer preferences. What might seem like a potentially trendy accessory to a seller could easily miss the mark with Depop's user base. This can lead to stagnant listings and tied-up capital. The advice for sellers, therefore, is to exercise caution and conduct thorough market research before investing in large quantities of any item.

Make sure the accessories are of quality but not priced too high. Beware of disproportionate pieces or ones that can be worked only for special occasions. We recommend testing the waters with smaller quantities or seeking out items that already have a proven demand on the platform.

Women wearing different accessories
Check out the stores that are successful at reselling accessories

A Selling Software Can Improve Your Depop Selling Game

The goal is to resell trendy second-hand quality clothing and present listings in an appealing way. Once you understand this, it's the perfect time to devise the business strategy with the help of a crossposting tool. The ideal way to expand your reach to other online marketplaces is with reliable crossposting software. 

Make sure to use a multichannel listing software like Zipsale, which can connect Depop with eBay, Vinted, Shopify, Etsy, and Facebook Marketplace. Therefore, when a listing is not getting customers on one platform, it can find them on another. So, get a cross-listing software today, and start reselling like a pro.

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