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How to Use Shopify for Your Reselling Business

It might be terrifying at first! Trying out a new online marketplace platform is always challenging; however, if you arm yourself with knowledge about how it functions, the initial process will be much smoother. We offer our quick guide on how to use Shopify for your reselling business and launch a successful e-commerce operation. Without further ado, let's sell your products to as many buyers on this platform as possible.

A laptop displaying the Shopify website
Use Shopify for reselling and your listings will quickly be noticed by numerous buyers

Start Your Shopify Journey by Signing up for an Account

Everything starts with a new account. You must visit this incredible multi-vendor marketplace platform, the Shopify website, type in your email address, and then tap on "Start a free trial." After you provide a couple of answers to the platform's questions, you can start creating your Shopify ID.

When you finish entering all the information required, you'll be taken to your online store. However, completing sales won't begin at this step. First, familiarize yourself with the website at this stage and how you should sell your items. Start by customizing the store as well. Since you'd like to have a successful Shopify store, we recommend making an effort to correctly name the shop, connect the domain, set up payments, and figure out as well as set up your shipping policy.

A phone displaying Shopify email
A new shop begins with a new account! Take some time to correctly create it

Proceed by Adding the Domain Name

Becoming a reseller, and a successful one, means you need a domain name. It is required since all customers need something to enter into their browsers so they can see your shop. When a reseller already has a brand, it's possible to connect the name by just clicking "add domain," which can be found in the dashboard. 

Then, just follow the prompts provided by the platform so as to complete the process. Also, configuring domain settings such as primary domain and SSL must be done. In the end, you will just have to verify the domain settings.

Of course, there is an option of buying a custom domain name, but if you need help figuring out whether you need to do this, watch this video.

Do You Want to Create an Original Shopify Domain Name for Your Store? Here Are Some Tips on How to Do This

When deciding to buy your domain name, one of the most important steps is coming up with an effective name. We have some useful tips that will help you set up a great store and start a business with no money:

  • First of all, try to be concise, the name needs to be easily remembered,
  • Easy spelling is essential as well since you want to sell to as many people as possible,
  • It's generally best to use the .com extension,
  • Don't click on "Buy domain' until you've carefully reviewed the order summary.

How to Use Shopify for Your Reselling Business? The Next Essential Step Is Setting up Your Shipping Policy

The next step is to ponder over what type of shipping options would benefit you and your customer as well. Once you come up with the best rates, proceed by going to "Settings" and clicking on "Shipping and Delivery." Type in the details required, such as the address you will ship from, and choose the carriers that will be used and your rates. The best thing about this platform is that it allows resellers to offer worldwide shipping. This makes reselling on Shopify's website really convenient.

Happy woman shopping online at home
A big part of attracting numerous customers and getting more sales is great shipping

Make an Effort to Make the Design of the Store Stick Out

Another necessary part of creating something exceptional on this platform is customizing the store well. Choose the appropriate theme and try to convey your brand message through the design of the shop. You'll find a library of all the free themes, so sifting through the existing ones is an option. 

An alternative is to invest in premium themes that come with slideshows, multi-level menus, and videos. However, using them can come later in the process of growing a successful e-commerce business.

Nothing Is More Effective for an Online Business Then Providing Eye-Catching Imagery of Your Products You Want to Resell

Photography and videography mean everything in the world of online selling. Your store needs to stand out, and the best way to make this happen is by using beautiful imagery of your products and high-definition graphics. Invest a bit of time into graphic design. A super useful sales tip for quickly reselling goods online is to overlay your images with the brand logo or watermark so as to create a strong brand identity. This will prevent the annoying unauthorized use of your photographs.

A person taking a photo with a phone
Don't underestimate the importance of graphic design and high-quality imagery 

Once Everything Is Set Up, a Reseller Needs to Fulfill Customer Orders to Sell Items

Resellers who are not using FBA and 3PL to ship their orders will need to do this instead of the customers. This means that when you sell something, you will need to go to the "Orders" section

Here you can click on each order and access details such as the buyer's shipping information. You have the convenience of printing and purchasing the shipping label within the platform. When you complete this step, you can mark the order as "Fulfilled" and ship the item to the buyer. This process ensures efficient order management for sure.

A boxed package sitting on the table
Don't forget to fulfill customer orders correctly when you sell something

If You Want to Expand Your Business, Make Sure to Advertise the Store - Learn Our Tips

It's essential to drive traffic to your shop, and you need to know how to use the Shopify app marketplace to grow your reselling business. However, once you know this, there are other proven methods one can employ to increase sales. Here are some things you can do:

  • Social media - Do you know your target audience? Once you figure this out, you'll know what social media platform will help you market your business. The most common way this platform's resellers promote their products is via Instagram; however, you can create a YouTube channel, Facebook, and even TikTok.
  • Google ads - Find out what keywords the target audience is searching for and then invest in Google ads which will raise awareness of your products.
  • Influencers - This type of marketing will always be popular since it has a word-of-mouth method, and recommendations are taken more seriously when it comes from an influencer. In case you want to sell vintage clothing, find a beauty influencer that posts about clothing hauls often.
  • A crossposting tool - Well, if you want to reach more buyers, try out one of the most reliable online selling tools. A cross-listing software will allow customers from Depop, eBay, Vinted, Etsy, and other platforms to see your Shopify listing. Find a crossposting app and make your products known to a wider customer base.

Searching for the Perfect Crossposting Software? Try Zipsale

One thing is for sure, Zipsale will never fail you. Once you get the hang of the website, you'll definitely like to explore the online selling industry more. The best way to do this is by using a selling software like Zipsale. Since it connects numerous marketplaces, expansion of the e-commerce business will become a reality

This multichannel listing software will amend your listings, provide you with one inventory for best online selling platforms and keep an eye on the orders 24/7. What more can you ask for? Register today and see what benefits await with the help of software for selling online.

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