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How to Optimize Listings on Depop - The Ultimate Guide

Mastering how to optimize listings on Depop can unlock the full potential of this online marketplace platform. Gen Z's heaven for vintage finds and unique accessories functions as any other marketplace. Listings can be curated so that the algorithm favors them, and we'll show you how. This demands a strategic optimization approach that encompasses high-quality photos, engaging descriptions, and savvy use of keywords.

Hands typing on a keyboard
Create a visually pleasing offering that would make anyone tap on "PURCHASE"

How to Optimize Listings on Depop - First, Take Time to Write Descriptions With All the Details

Get more followers through in-depth and honest product descriptions. Just as Depop works in the same way as other marketplaces, a description is needed. However, not just any description, but the one that encompasses all details such as:

  • Material,
  • Condition,
  • Measurements,
  • Flaws,
  • Embellishments.

A detailed approach to writing descriptions signals that you are a serious and trustworthy seller committed to providing excellent customer service. On top of this, detailed descriptions help in matching the listings more accurately with user searches thus improving visibility.

Avoid Using Irrelevant Hashtags and Keywords

When aiming to sell on Depop, avoid the common pitfalls of using the wrong keywords and hashtags. If you've ever wondered - why is no one buying my stuff on Depop, this just might be the issue. Spam or irrelevant tags can confuse customers and dilute the search relevance of the items. 

Depop's search algorithm prioritizes relevance and accuracy. This means that repetitive keywords that don't reflect what is in the listing would stop the sales of such items. Choose words wisely, and focus on ones that describe and highlight the features appropriately. Do a bit of market research before writing a listing description or title.

Woman in a white sweater talking on her phone
Sometimes, adding too many keywords to a description can be counterproductive

Add High Quality-Images to Listings

The quality of images is, in the majority of cases, the determining factor of a successful transaction, especially when reselling vintage clothing. High-quality photographs are not just recommended, they are an essential strategy. To captivate potential buyers who scroll through endless listings, present the pieces as visually compelling. Use four photos per listing and highlight unique details by capturing them from various angles. 

You don't need expensive equipment to achieve professional-looking results - a smartphone camera, natural lighting, and a clean, uncluttered backdrop are sufficient. Consistency in photo styling can also help in building a cohesive and recognizable brand aesthetic for the online shop. This will make the venture profitable.

Record a Short Video Showcasing the Product

Depop's team noticed something interesting. Generally, listings containing a video are more likely to sell in the first month of posting. Therefore, an important tip is to record a video that demonstrates the product's condition and functionality. It offers a closer look that would play a role in determining the value

Furthermore, a video is an excellent medium for conveying your brand’s personality and establishing a more personal connection with the audience. The competitive second-hand market becomes more manageable.

A woman trying to record a video
Listings with videos are twice as effective with Depop's audience

Use SEO for Writing Titles

Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) principles when crafting titles can impact what sells on Depop and what does not. The key to mastering your titles lies in being both precise and descriptive. Instead of generic and broad titles such as "cozy yellow sweater," opt for a more search-friendly version such as "Y2K Zara Purple Hoodie." It signifies the era, brand, and color so that search queries recognize it. Transform "dark blue shorts" into "Dark Levi's 405 Shorts." In this way, you'll attract the targeted buyer base. SEO is really important, don't underestimate it.

Two women working on a laptop
The more particular with the wording you are, the easier it is to find the listing

List Items Regularly - Every Day If Possible

Don't post in bulk on this multi-vendor marketplace platform. It won't garner the desired number of sales. However, what works for any algorithm is activity. Non-stop posting, if it's possible, do it every day. Keep the customers looking forward to new products and finds. When it comes to the Depop's community, it is more active during weekends and evenings

Of course, just for all users, the start of the month is when more money is spent on online shopping. A hack that you can use is re-listing. On all best online selling platforms hitting "refresh" gives a listing new life. Use this hack to your advantage.

Check out this video if you are a beginner.

Associate the Listings With Your Brand

It's about creating a narrative that resonates with your audience and distinguishes your shop from countless others. Defining what sets you apart - a focus on sustainable fashion, vintage finds, or unique handmade items. Consistency is necessary. Use a coherent tone and style in the descriptions, and embody the brand's values and personality. Engage with your community by sharing your brand story through the bio, posts, and interactions. Make the shop not just a place to buy but a space that reflects a lifestyle or interest.

a Notebook with a pen
Take out a pen and paper and start brainstorming about what your brand could be about

Increase Revenue by Using Selling Software

Apart from optimizing listings, it's important to make reselling online simpler. This can be accomplished by using a crossposting tool. If more buyers are reached across different platforms, the store will get traffic, thus establishing a brand faster. Use a multichannel listing software that offers numerous benefits, such as additional features and a unifying inventory.

A crossposting app that can be used for this purpose is Zipsale. It is a crossposting software that allows for a faster increase in sales. Trust the cross-listing software that can turn any store into success in months. Register with us today and you won't regret entering the world of online selling.

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