Vinted vs Depop - Similarities and Differences

Have you been thinking about becoming a clothing reseller? The two apps you would most likely be interested in are Vinted and Depop. However, choosing between two of the best online selling platforms can be challenging. Use our Vinted vs Depop - similarities and differences list to gain a better understanding of the two platforms. Once you know what to expect, it will be easier to make a decision.

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Depop vs Vinted - which one would be ideal for your needs and preferences?

Similarities - What Does Each Medium Offer to Resellers?

Both apps provide clothing resellers with basically the same services. You can make money by taking photographs of your old clothing items and posting them on the platforms for buyers to see and purchase. 

So, what is Depop, and what can users expect from the platform? It is the fashion marketplace for the next generation that wants to discover authentic items and make fashion more inclusive and diverse. Similarly, Vinted promotes second-hand clothes to more than 45 million members, making pre-loved fashion less wasteful. 

Learn about key similarities and as a reseller, use the best strategy to connect the two platforms via crossposting software and earn more money.

Both Apps Allow You to Make Money by Selling Best Second-Hand Clothes Online

A convenient way to make money is to sell online with Vinted and Depop. Resellers can profit from products that they have found at a low price in second-hand stores, charity shops, car boot sales, and markets

It depends on the talent of the reseller and selling strategy whether the items will get sold. The pricing on the apps has to be realistic, and it should match the condition of the item. Both apps allow you to present the products the best way possible and get a potential buyer to click on the purchase button.

Both Apps Have the Option of Taking Photos

Do you desire to sell using Vinted's and Depop's services? Fortunately, using both apps won't be a huge issue since both platforms have similar features. They allow sellers to take pictures directly through the app, making it quick and effortless to get any item sold. 

Some sellers want to ensure that they find a potential buyer as soon as possible, so they invest in photo editing, professional lighting, the look of the background, and a crossposting tool. If you truly want to get followers on Depop's as well as on Vinted's platform, it would be wise to make sure to have clear photos and good lighting.

The Platforms Are Pushing Brands to Become More Sustainable

Each platform is making an environmental impact in its own right. They are encouraging brands to become more sustainable. Today, the fashion industry is responsible for more carbon emissions than maritime shipping and international flights. If the current course is maintained, it is expected that there will be an increase of 50% in greenhouse gas emissions

However, the ever-growing number of new resellers can promote pre-owned clothes on popular apps and positively impact the environment. The trend of buying and wearing second-hand clothing could single-handedly change the entire fashion industry.

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If you want to get both apps, invest in a multichannel listing software

Key Differences - How Does Selling Clothes on Each Platform Differ?

Generally speaking, the apps provide users with the exact same services, connecting buyers with second-hand clothing sellers. Users can buy, sell and exchange used items. But, even though the general services are identical, there are some key differences when it comes to the method of making money with Vinted's and Depop's apps.

They Target Different Audiences - One Will Be Most Likely Used by a Student, the Other by a Housewife

Vinted's services are available in 15 countries, whereas Depop's services are only available in six countries. The first one focuses primarily on the European market, while in the United States, Depop's app is more popular

They target completely different users and audiences. Since Depop's app works more like a social network platform, it gives the sellers an opportunity to reach a wider customer base. Depop's application attracts younger users and buyers than Vinted's application.

People usually think that eBay's and Vinted's audiences are the same and that those individuals choose to post on both platforms at the same time. But, when it comes to the Vinted vs eBay differences, the sellers find Vinted's app more user-friendly and transparent with pricing. So, if you want to make the right decision in the eBay vs Vinted vs Depop trilemma, base the choice on your target audience.

Seller Fees - What Can Resellers Expect in 2022?

Seller fees are an integral part of any online marketplace platform. Depop's app charges its resellers 10% per every sale plus the PayPal fee for the user's country. However, Vinted sellers get to use the platform for free. Services are completely free of charge, while the buyer is obliged to pay all the fees for the new product. One needs to pay a small buyer protection fee and shipping costs.

Even though this makes sellers believe they would get paid more with Vinted's app, this is not the case. The buyers will expect every reseller to offer lower prices because they are responsible for all fees.

If you choose to use both platforms, keeping track of all the seller fees and listings will be easier with a crossposting app. You won't have to worry about forgetting to pay some fees on one platform since cross-listing software will manage all listings and automatically delist anything that is sold.  

Vinted vs Depop UK Payment Policies

The payment policies are not the same for both platforms. When you sell using Depop's app, the payments get transferred directly to the PayPal account, and there is no need for an intermediary to get involved in the transaction. 

But, Vinted's services operate differently since the money doesn't get transferred to the seller's account immediately after the sale. Actually, it uses an escrow service that keeps the money in Vinted's wallet until the buyer receives the item and accepts it.

If you want to learn how Vinted's platform works and better understand how to send products and receive your money, watch this insightful video.

Can’t Make a Decision on Vinted vs Depop? Profit From Both Platforms by Using a Listing Software

A solution to choosing the right platform is actually to invest in software to sell on both eBay and Depop, and Vinted. That best-selling software is Zipsale. It allows you to list and sell everywhere you want to. 

Using the auto-delisting feature, Zipsale will protect you from overselling. Not only will you increase your profit, but online selling tools will quickly change any item details on different multivendor marketplace platforms simultaneously. 

Don't worry; it won't feel like you are juggling more than you can handle. Zipsale will manage all listings 24/7 without the need for the seller to amend anything manually. Therefore, if you are not sure about your decision, get both apps but first, get Zipsale and see how simple online selling can be.


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