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What Does "Depop PayPal Pending" Mean for Your Transactions?

Sometimes, obstacles occur during the transaction between the buyer and seller on any multi-vendor marketplace platform. One of the most common issues is the "Depop PayPal pending" notification, whose meaning many don't know. This can be a simple issue that clears in a couple of days, or it can be a sign that the customer didn't send the money. Learn all about this obstacle and what needs to be done.

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When PayPal payment pending on Depop appears, check the app's payments section

What Does “Depop PayPal Pending” Mean?

So, you're asking yourself why is my payment pending on PayPal on Depop. If there is a message that the transaction is pending, the most likely answer is that it hasn't cleared yet. The buyer probably paid using a credit card. In this case, PayPal sees that as an "eCheque." It takes time for it to clear. This can last from one to two weeks. We recommend checking the status of the transaction from time to time. If the transaction doesn't clear for a longer period, contact the customer support team. They can explain in-depth what to do and how Depop works.

Is It Possible to Receive the Payment But Still See PayPal Pending on Depop?

In case the payment is received but pending PayPal on Depop status is still present, there is an app issue that might be resolved in a couple of days. If the transaction was successful, the notification should change instantly, but sometimes it would take a bit longer. The same approach can be applied as in the previous situation and customer service agents can be contacted. Don't let this hiccup stop you from putting items on sale on Depop and attempting to make money on one of the best online selling platforms.

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When wondering why is my PayPal money pending Depop, ask the buyer about the transaction

Tips for Handling "Payment on Hold"

When the funds are still being processed on the account, PayPal might have placed the payment on hold. In case you can see the activity on the PayPal website but the funds are still not added to the main balance, the transaction is typically on hold. What follows during this is an email explaining the whole situation. The website would advise adding tracking and then shipping the item. However, there are a couple of steps to take before deciding to ship products

Check Whether the PayPal Account Is Verified

When selling on Depop, it's essential to make sure that your account is verified to benefit from Depop's Seller Protection and help with the payment process. Verifying your PayPal account involves linking and confirming a funding source. 

Follow PayPal's verification guide and log into your account. Check the account's status and take the necessary steps to complete the verification. This helps in protecting your sales and maintaining a trustworthy relationship with followers on Depop.

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Beginners at resellers underestimate the importance of PayPal account verification

The Buyer Cancelled the Payment

If you encounter an issue where a payment from a sale shows as canceled on Depop, it's important to take immediate action by contacting Depop Support. Navigate through the options under Selling to find and select the relevant category for a buyer intentionally canceling their payment through PayPal. When reaching out for support you'll need:

  • Your email linked to Depop,
  • Your username (for example, @yourusername),
  • The username of the buyer involved (@buyerusername),
  • Provide proof that the payment was canceled (you can screenshot your account),
  • Provide proof that the item was shipped.

This comprehensive information will assist the customer service agents in efficiently handling and resolving the issue. They will certainly give you a solution to the question - why is my Depop payment pending on PayPal?

It Will Take Extra Time for It to Clear

It's not uncommon for payments to require additional time to clear. The delay can be due to a variety of reasons, such as bank processing times, the verification of funds, or the review of the transactions. Even after a payment is initiated, there might be a waiting period before the funds are fully available in your account. During this period, sellers need to stay informed about the status of the transaction and communicate any delays to the buyer, maintaining transparency.

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Why is my PayPal payment pending on Depop? The answer might be that it will take a bit longer

Don't Ship the Item Until The Transaction Cleared

Before shipping anything sold on the online marketplace platform, the best thing to do is to wait until the transaction has been processed. For sales made via PayPal, the step of verifying the account is paramount

For anyone who is going to pay using PayPal, check that the payment has cleared before sending the item. Only after the confirmation, you can know for sure that you're not dealing with a Depop scam. On the other hand, when a buyer pays using Depop Payments, you can send the package right away since the transaction will be visible immediately in the Seller Hub section.

Watch the video below if you want to learn more about shipping.

For a More Secure Selling Experience, Use a Crossposting Tool

Now that we've answered the question of why is my PayPal money pending on Depop, you can start elevating your reselling strategy. The ultimate way to reach more buyers is via multichannel listing software. This crossposting software serves as a meeting point for different online marketplaces

From one interface you can keep track of orders and cancelations while the features of the cross-listing software such as the Auto-delisting feature protect from overselling. It's possible to increase the reach in record time since the software for selling online works instead of you on increasing visibility. The best crossposting app is Zipsale which connects eBay, Depop, Vinted, Shopify, and Etsy.

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