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Is Depop a Scam?

With 21 million registered users, Depop has emerged as one of the most popular multi-vendor marketplace platforms for millennials and Gen Z. However, as with many online apps, potential users question its legitimacy and often ask, "Is Depop a scam?" Even though the platform itself is safe, there are still individuals attempting to trick people out of their money. Therefore, being extra careful is always advisable.

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Is Depop legit? Find out whether you can benefit from using Depop!

Is Depop a Scam?

This is a question that many sellers might ask before venturing into the world of online selling. It's important to know that this online marketplace platform is not a scam. It is a legitimate platform that enables countless consumers to buy used trendy and fashionable clothing, as well as online resellers to showcase their products to a global audience.

But, just like any application, there are inherent risks since some buyers, as well as resellers, can encounter dishonest users. It's crucial to stay informed and pay attention to how the users behave on the app so you can protect your online store.

Is Depop Safe to Buy From?

Buying on the Depop's app is completely safe in case the customer exercises caution, checks the seller's reviews, and utilizes the platform's in-app payment system so that all transactions are secure.

In rare occasions, in case you become a victim of a scammer, you can use the Depop's Protection Program and thus have the Depop's team help you resolve a dispute. Remember that not all situations on the app are futile.

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There is always a way to get your money back during disputes with dishonest resellers

What Are the Most Common Known Depop Scams?

With the increase in the number of users on Depop's app, buyers and resellers have, as a result, seen an increase in the number of people looking to exploit unsuspecting users. Typical scams involve sellers who post listings of counterfeit items and write in the description that they are authentic. Buyers have been reposted to falsely claim non-receipt of items and seek refunds.

Shipping Address Scam

One of the most prevalent scams that would leave you without your products and money is the other shipping address con. Buyers message the sellers with a request to ship the item to another shipping address that is not uploaded on the multi-vendor marketplace platform. 

When a well-meaning seller does this, the buyer can falsely claim that the item hasn't arrived and thus request a refund. In this case, the seller won't be protected by the Seller Protection program since the wrong shipping address is used.

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Watch out for scammers that have special requests that are against the Depop's policy

Depop Email Scams

Suspicious email fraud is the oldest trick in the book and you should pay close attention to your inbox. There are fraudulent emails that seem like they are from the app itself, usually demanding the user to share personal information or account details or to tap on a link. Scammers can use this info to gain access to your account, so be aware of any private emails that don't have the address.

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Take some time to read emails carefully and attempt to notice anything that stands out!

How to Avoid Getting Scammed on the Platform?

It's essential to always make arrangements with the buyer within the platform and avoid any external requests which can bypass the Depop's protective measures. Familiarize yourself with common scams, and make sure to follow the Depop's rules and policy carefully. 

Communication with the followers on the platform is key; understanding the buyers' demands and figuring out how to answer all the requests within the rules and regulations is key. The best tip is to avoid transactions that are suspicious. It's better not to make a sale than to lose money.

Scam Prevention on Depop Marketplace

Here is a list of tips that are surely going to protect you during any disputes with fraudulent buyers:

  • Accept only sales that have been made using the Depop's Button,
  • After receiving a suspicious email, screenshot it, report it and delete it,
  • Remember - don't tap on any attachments or links in emails,
  • Enable two-step authentication,
  • Don't sell any prohibited items,
  • Only ship to the shipping address that is featured on the sales receipt

By combining the platform's safety features with personal diligence, users can foster a more secure selling and buying environment. Watch the video below for more information.

Be a Reliable and Successful Seller

Make selling on Depop profitable. The only way to earn money and ensure that scammers don't affect the success of the business is by becoming a top seller. We recommend making your listings accurate and transparent. Use detailed descriptions and clear photos. Always communicate professionally and promptly with the potential buyer. Use tracked shipping and be open to feedback. Work on refining and improving your services.

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See the e-commerce business grow in record time!

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Another way to easily become a top seller is by expanding your reach to all the best online selling platforms. If you use crossposting software, this becomes an opportunity to grow your following. With a crossposting app, a seller can connect Depop, Shopify, Vinted, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, and eBay. This means that the crosslisting software will make your listings visible across all of these apps. The chances of getting scammed or your account ceased are slim since you will have more legitimate buyers buying your products. Rely on Zipsale, the greatest selling software. Register today and reap the benefits of software for selling online.

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