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6 Best Second-Hand Selling Sites

Are you searching for the ideal multivendor marketplace platform where you'll be able to quickly and effortlessly sell second-hand goods? If the answer is yes, you are in the right place. We've compiled a list of the six best second-hand selling sites so you can make a sound and informed decision. You'll be making money in no time. But remember that apart from a great online marketplace platform, you'll also need the help of a reliable crossposting tool. Let us guide you through the world of online marketplaces.

A box with old electronics
With the best online selling tools and a good platform, you will be able to make money

#1 Sell Second-Hand Products Quickly on Vinted

If you wish to grow an e-commerce business that will focus on reselling used clothing or accessories, you should use Vinted. It's an easy-to-use and convenient marketplace where one can sell or exchange with other resellers. It's available on Android, desktop browsers, and iOS.

The most enjoyable part of using Vinted is that you can download the Vinted app for free on your phone and quickly list any item you want. Reselling on Vinted and amending any listing is possible with just a few clicks. Also, there are no reselling fees, so whatever you make is solely yours.

Brown sun hat on a brown floral bag
Download the Vinted app for free and enjoy the benefits of this online marketplace

#2 Facebook Marketplace - Get a Social Media Platform and a Marketplace Simultaneously

If you already have a Facebook profile and you know the ins and outs of the platform, don't struggle with figuring out a new site. Facebook Marketplace is a site where it's possible to search specifically for stuff you'd like to sell or buy. There might even be items listed for free. The first step is to take a picture of the stuff you'd like to sell and post it on the site. Once a buyer appears, negotiate the conditions of the sale via Facebook Messenger. The Marketplace works on tablets, desktops, and on the app.

Facebook opened on a phone that is next to a laptop
Facebook Marketplace is ideal for individuals who don't want to use new websites

#3 If You Wish to Resell on the Biggest Online Marketplace - List on eBay

eBay has existed since 1995. It is one of the oldest sites for reselling used goods, and it continues to grow and expand each second. Any individual who wants to start an e-commerce business selling anything from jewelry, electronics, music records, accessories, clothes, games, home products, and any type of equipment should choose eBay.

The price doesn't have to be fixed for any listing. The main charm of this marketplace is the fact that there is an auction option. So, your buyers can compete for your items. Additionally, there are 187 million active users. It will be simple to get noticed quickly. The only drawback is that there are complex eBay fees, and any reseller needs to be aware of them before opening a store.

Is It Better to Sell Christmas Gifts on eBay or Facebook Marketplace?

Do you want your customers to buy unique Christmas gifts this holiday season? If you are deciding whether Facebook Marketplace or eBay would bring you profit, first listen to our advice. It's impossible to predict which platform will be better since various factors can come into play, from listing fees to the number of available buyers. 

We recommend using both. With the help of a crossposting app, you can list on both platforms simultaneously. The cross-listing software will control the listings and automatically delist anything that gets sold. With software for selling online, resellers reach more customers.

Photo of red boxes
Use crossposting software and enjoy the benefits of both platforms

#4 Will You Be Reselling Only Used Clothes - Depop Is the Answer

Trendy second-hand clothing items are sold on Depop. Actually, the platform works as a regular social media platform, but you can use it to resell clothing. It is an app that is available on Android and iOS. The items that are sold the most are vintage pieces of clothing. The main perk of Depop is the design. It operates just like Instagram. Users have profiles where they post photographs with hashtags, descriptions, and prices. Then, they get followers so they can make more money. If you see yourself visiting thrift shops and finding unique pieces of clothing to resell, use Depop.

Here is a video on how you can set up your shop on Depop.

#5 Looking for a Popular Website That Is Easy to Use - Choose Craigslist

Craigslist is as simple as it gets. It was a forum website before it was converted into a reselling platform. Everything from home products, tickets, and electronics to clothing and accessories can be found on Craigslist. It's primarily used by individuals who need to find inexpensive used products that are available in their area.

You won't need to worry about any payment process or shipping requirements since Craiglist leaves buyers and sellers to reach an agreement on their own. If you wish to sell products, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • First, go to the website and choose the state you live in,
  • Select the classifieds option,
  • Then choose the option for sale by owner,
  • Enter the information about the item in the empty spaces,
  • Add pictures of the item,
  • Click on the button "Continue,"
  • In the last step, select "Publish."

#6 Will Your Customers Buy Second-Hand Furniture From You - Etsy Is the Right Option

Vintage furniture and handmade objects are primarily sold on Etsy. Resellers don't struggle with costly fees since Etsy charges only 0.32 pounds for every listing for four months. There are numerous buyers shopping on the site, so you will never have problems finding the perfect customer. Items such as unique trinkets, vintage furniture, and handmade and rare objects catch the eye of a lot of buyers. 

Also, the platform enables resellers to grow their sales by offering an advertising tool. It's called Etsy Ads, and it showcases products through Market Pages, Category Pages, and Etsy search on the app and on the website.

Two gray chairs and a brown coffee table
Are you reselling stuff like vintage furniture and handmade objects - choose Etsy

What Are the Best-Selling Used Products on Etsy in 2022?

Do you want to make sure that you'll make money on Etsy? Don't worry. Here is our list of the best-selling products on Etsy in 2022, which can give you an idea of what kind of business will definitely succeed:

  • Handmade clothes,
  • Party decor,
  • Furniture and home decor,
  • Books,
  • Mugs,
  • Paintings,
  • Stickers.

Now That You Know What Second-Hand Selling Sites Are the Best, Start Your Online Business

If you want to succeed at all costs and perhaps turn your online business into a full-time job, offering items on just one site won't be enough. Multiple second-hand selling websites will help your business get off the ground. This is why investing in software to sell both on eBay and Depop is important. A convenient and reliable listing software is Zipsale. It will help you get more sales by connecting all of the marketplace platforms you use. Register with our crossposting tool today and reap the benefits in no time.

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